Homeowners Insurance in Texas May Cover the Strangest Things

When buying homeowners insurance in Texas, we all assume we will be covered for some of the basics like theft or fire. After all, that’s what insurance is all about. It is suppose to cover things that could be enormously expensive or cover things that we can’t plan for. Sure, you expect your personal property like couches, pianos and computers to be covered, but what about those odd situations that invariably crop up in life? Check out these bizarre if not downright odd things that most homeowners insurance in Texas covers and make sure you have coverage; there are great resources on the internet where you can obtain coverage https://www.texasquotes.com/homeowners-insurance/.

Coverage for Wild Animals

If you live in Texas on the prairies, you’ve no doubt already seen a few strange things. However, did you know that if a herd of wild animals like buffalo, sheep or goats should trample your landscaping, you homeowners insurance in Texas will pay to replace all the damaged trees, grass and shrubs?

Fire Department Costs Increases Home Insurance in Texas

Although all cities and counties may work a little different, there are some that will charge you for their services. For example, you house catches on fire, so the local fire department comes out to put out the fire. You could actually receive a bill for their services. Don’t worry, your homeowners insurance in Texas has it covered.

Home Accidents are Part of Life for Texas Homeowners

One of the best perks about owning your own home is that you are free to invite friends, relatives or the neighbors’ kids over to party, play or enjoy a game of volleyball.

However, you never know if a child will break an arm while jumping rope or your neighbor might have one too many beers and hurt his back after tripping over the hose. Fortunately, your homeowners insurance in Texas is ready to cover medical injuries occurring on your property.

Falling Objects Increases Home Insurance in Texas

It is hard to believe that your homeowners insurance in Texas has you covered for falling objects, but they do. Just imagine a tree limb crashing through your roof from a coastal storm, a meteor smacks into the side of your home, or debris falls from an old satellite and trashes your roof. You should be covered.

Freak Accidents Increases Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Most of us live a quiet life and don’t run into trouble too frequently. However, life can certainly throw a few curve balls that we never expect. Of course, there are also some people that are just really unlucky.

If you’re one of those unlucky or clumsy people that accidentally knocks over a filing cabinet hitting a co-worker, or you smack your golf partner with a club, your homeowner insurance in Texas covers their medical bills.

Are Tombstones Covered on Homeowners Insurance in Texas?

It’s not unusual for many older properties in Texas to have family grave sites on the property. Unfortunately, in many rural areas, these may become the target for vandalism or pranksters. If the headstones should be defaced with any type of paint, crushed or cracked, your homeowners insurance in Texas will pay to replace them within limits of $1000 to $2,500.

Food Losses

Just imagine how you would feel if there was a terrible storm that knocked out your power and all the food in your freezer and fridge spoiled. Insurance companies know freaky storms can happen, and they are prepared to come to the rescue with homeowners insurance in Texas.

Your insurance company is ready to cover the damages with a check up to $500 to replace the spoiled food.

In reality, insurance companies are hoping that none of these weird and bizarre things will happen to any of their policyholders. However, if they do, don’t hesitate to check your homeowners insurance in Texas to see if you’re covered.