A Deeper Look Into Texas Homeowners Insurance

The amount of money that you’ll pay for homeowners insurance in Texas is more than almost every other state in the nation. A major cause for the high insurance premiums in Texas is tornadoes.

Before making the decision to move there, a lot of people don’t even realize that Texas is part of Tornado Alley, which is a long stretch of land that is known for frequent twisters.

Some other reasons why you’ll find the cost of homeowners insurance in Texas to be high is because of the hailstorms and strong winds. Since 2004, about 139 twisters touch down in Texas every single year. Put simply, a twister touches down in Texas almost every other day.

Some Interesting Facts about Twisters

If you live in the area and pay for homeowners insurance in Texas, you should know some simple facts about twisters. First, a tornado can occur anywhere and at any time.

There is no season that is considered to be totally safe from twisters. Most twisters occur east of the Rocky Mountains, and they’re most likely to form between the months of March through August.

Higher Premiums in Texas

The lone star state is known for everything big. In Texas, you’ll quickly realize that the food, cars, firearms and insurance premiums are bigger. While most of the nation pays an average of $850, the typical cost of homeowners insurance in Texas is $1,115.

Hurricane exposure, strong winds, tornadoes and floods are the major reasons why homeowners insurance in Texas is more expensive than the national average. The average premium is much more expensive than states like Oregon and Utah.

Many Texans can’t remember a time when they had lower premiums than the rest of the nation. If you already have homeowners insurance in Texas, or you’re thinking about buying a policy, it’s always a good idea to compare rates from different companies. When you compare rates, you get in a position to save some money.

Although the cost of homeowners insurance in Texas is high, the market is still quite competitive, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a competitive rate. You’ll probably still be paying more money than the rest of the nation, but you might pay less money than other Texans.

Understanding Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Before you purchase a policy, you should understand how the process works. Since your home is a major asset, it’s important to make sure you purchase enough coverage for it. You should know exactly what your home is worth and make sure you’re paying for just enough coverage.

To save money, you need to make sure you’re not paying for more coverage than your home needs. For example, you shouldn’t purchase a $500,000 policy for a $200,000 home. It’s best to pay for exactly how much your home is worth.

Before you sign on the dotted line for homeowners insurance in Texas, it’s also important to make sure you truly understand the limits and coverage.

Every policy has limits and restrictions, so it’s your job to read the fine print and make sure your insurance company isn’t pulling a blindfold over your eyes. Insurance companies make more money when you overpay for homeowners insurance in Texas, and they also make money by paying you less money than you deserve for a claim.

Damages Covered By Most Policies

It’s useful to know what a standard policy is likely to cover. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy in Texas should cover damage caused by theft, civil unrest, explosion, vandalism, fire, lighting, hurricanes and windstorms.

Unfortunately, most basic policies won’t cover damage caused by flooding, sinkholes, earthquakes or mold, so you need to make sure your coverage doesn’t have any gaps. This is a great overview of homeowners insurance in Texas, and with this information, you can make an informed decision.

Homeowners Insurance Texas 118

Most people are looking for ways they can save money. Part of saving money is being sure that you are not paying more than you need to for something. One thing that many Texas residents do not understand is that sticking with the same homeowners insurance policy for many years may be causing them to overpay on homeowners insurance premiums. The Texas Department of Insurance has confirmed this fact. This underscores the importance of regularly looking at your homeowners insurance policy and making sure that it is not only covering all your current needs, but the price you are paying is comparable with the going rate. In fact, this is something that you should do on a regular basis.

One of the things that homeowners need to do is see if their circumstances have changed in any way. There may be certain things that may make their homeowners insurance rates go up or down. For example, keeping certain breeds of dogs can make an insurance policy go up. On the other hand, installing certain types of home security systems can make homeowners insurance policy rates go down. If you regularly look at your circumstances and see if they have changed, you may find that your insurance rates drop.

Texas residents need to be especially concerned about finding ways to save money on their homeowners insurance rate since premiums are continuing to rise in the state. One of the main things that cause homeowners insurance rates to rise in Texas is the fact that Texas experiences a lot of severe weather. Texas can experience hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, hail, and severe storms. All of these things can completely destroy or seriously damage homes. Not only do all of these things occur in Texas, but severe weather can happen at almost any time of the year. Since insurance companies base their rates on events that have occurred over the past few years and events that are likely to occur in the next couple of years, it is likely that rates are going to increase. More than $1.8 billion was sent out in direct losses in Texas in just the first six months of this year. This means that Texas residents need to be on their toes when it comes to finding ways to save money on homeowners insurance rates.

Something else that Texas residents need to be aware of is environmental factors that can affect their home. For example, many individuals are concerned about the dangers that exist in areas where fracking occurs. Some of the problems that may arise in areas where fracking takes place include explosions, fires, and earthquakes. Small earthquakes that occur in areas where fracking has been done can cause damage to homes, like cracks in the walls. This can seriously undermine the structure of the home, leading to future failure. The vast majority of homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage that has occurred because of fracking. However, there are things that Texas residents can do to protect their home in case of damage because of fracking. For example, they can add endorsements onto their homeowners insurance policy that can protect their home in case of earthquakes from fracking as well as from environmental factors like explosions and fires that come as a result of fracking.

Texas residents can contact their insurer when they have questions about their current homeowners insurance policy. They may be able to negotiate rates or add endorsements onto their current policy. Or it may be necessary for them to look around at different insurance companies and find one that better suits their needs.

Homeowners Insurance in Texas May Cover the Strangest Things

When buying homeowners insurance in Texas, we all assume we will be covered for some of the basics like theft or fire. After all, that’s what insurance is all about. It is suppose to cover things that could be enormously expensive or cover things that we can’t plan for. Sure, you expect your personal property like couches, pianos and computers to be covered, but what about those odd situations that invariably crop up in life? Check out these bizarre if not downright odd things that most homeowners insurance in Texas covers and make sure you have coverage; there are great resources on the internet where you can obtain coverage https://www.texasquotes.com/homeowners-insurance/.

Coverage for Wild Animals

If you live in Texas on the prairies, you’ve no doubt already seen a few strange things. However, did you know that if a herd of wild animals like buffalo, sheep or goats should trample your landscaping, you homeowners insurance in Texas will pay to replace all the damaged trees, grass and shrubs?

Fire Department Costs Increases Home Insurance in Texas

Although all cities and counties may work a little different, there are some that will charge you for their services. For example, you house catches on fire, so the local fire department comes out to put out the fire. You could actually receive a bill for their services. Don’t worry, your homeowners insurance in Texas has it covered.

Home Accidents are Part of Life for Texas Homeowners

One of the best perks about owning your own home is that you are free to invite friends, relatives or the neighbors’ kids over to party, play or enjoy a game of volleyball.

However, you never know if a child will break an arm while jumping rope or your neighbor might have one too many beers and hurt his back after tripping over the hose. Fortunately, your homeowners insurance in Texas is ready to cover medical injuries occurring on your property.

Falling Objects Increases Home Insurance in Texas

It is hard to believe that your homeowners insurance in Texas has you covered for falling objects, but they do. Just imagine a tree limb crashing through your roof from a coastal storm, a meteor smacks into the side of your home, or debris falls from an old satellite and trashes your roof. You should be covered.

Freak Accidents Increases Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Most of us live a quiet life and don’t run into trouble too frequently. However, life can certainly throw a few curve balls that we never expect. Of course, there are also some people that are just really unlucky.

If you’re one of those unlucky or clumsy people that accidentally knocks over a filing cabinet hitting a co-worker, or you smack your golf partner with a club, your homeowner insurance in Texas covers their medical bills.

Are Tombstones Covered on Homeowners Insurance in Texas?

It’s not unusual for many older properties in Texas to have family grave sites on the property. Unfortunately, in many rural areas, these may become the target for vandalism or pranksters. If the headstones should be defaced with any type of paint, crushed or cracked, your homeowners insurance in Texas will pay to replace them within limits of $1000 to $2,500.

Food Losses

Just imagine how you would feel if there was a terrible storm that knocked out your power and all the food in your freezer and fridge spoiled. Insurance companies know freaky storms can happen, and they are prepared to come to the rescue with homeowners insurance in Texas.

Your insurance company is ready to cover the damages with a check up to $500 to replace the spoiled food.

In reality, insurance companies are hoping that none of these weird and bizarre things will happen to any of their policyholders. However, if they do, don’t hesitate to check your homeowners insurance in Texas to see if you’re covered.